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All those who have visited Mostar before must have remember seeing its unique bridge springing in a single span across the fast Neretva river. The toponym Mostar was recorded as early as 1474, while the city's wonder of bridge building architecture dates from 1566, i.e. from the time of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ( the builder of the bridge is Hairudin, which in Arabic means „of good Muslim faith“ ). This means that the name of the town does not derive from its famous bridge, but from another modest bridge that stood at the same place earlier on.


A structure as old as the famous bridge is the Karašoz-Beg Mosque, built in 1564 and famous for its inner ornamentation. Another landmarke is the ornate minaret of the Roznamedžije Mosque, 17th century, which with its old fountain is reminiscent of the builder of the first Mostar aqueduct. The exterior of the old Orthodox Church shows a strong influence of Dalmatian architecture, while the interior bears all the imprints of the East: a gallery of women divided off by a trellis such as can be seen on the windows of old Muslim houses.But Mostar has not forgotten its function as the cultural centre of Herzegovina ( theatre, museum, schools, universities, libraries ). Especially interesting are the small shops, souvenir shops and manufacturers in the old town. Lunch on this excursion is either organized in one of the restaurants in the old town of Mostar, overlooking the river or is completely individual.


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