On the Elaphiti Islands Print

Lopud belongs to the Elafiti Islands which are a part of the archipelago nearest to Dubrovnik.

It has developed into a well-known tourist destination thanks to rich evergreen vegetation, mild Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, as well as splendid swimming areas and sandy beaches. The place itself is situated in the middle of a wide bay with a spacious sandy beach. Archeological findings of the first settlements on the island date back to ancient times.  Lopud was favourite with the Dubrovnik aristocracy who built houses there in the 15th century. The stone houses are surrounded by exotic gardens with palm trees, cypresses, citrus fruit trees and subtropical plants that flourish here. The popular and usually known as the best beach in the region, Cove of Sunj beach at the a one km (1 km) walk through the heart of the island and an intriguing cemetery for history enthusiasts, is overlooked by the Church of Our Lady of Sunj, with a cemetery (also with a fine collection of works of art). The beach is composed of fine, white sand (extremely rare in Croatia) and is backed by lush, green hills. Naturally it gets busy on summer days when tour boats arrive and everyone in the region with a motorised vessel heads out there for a swim. Yet, when the boats leave and off-season, it's the Adriatic at its best.

Lopud is ideal for a quiet holiday in a breathtaking landscape.

It has all the facilites such as: hotels, post office, ATM, shops, souvenir-shops, restaurants, caffe-bars... Ferry connections to Dubrovnik are excellent.

No cars are allowed on the island.



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