Clearing out Print
The quickest way to clear out from Croatia is to clear-out in Cavtat. The Harbour Master office is situated on the main boulevard and is marked by Croatian flag. Both the Harbour Master and the Customs are involved, although on occasions it appears that one authority will record the departure for both. It's free for all vessels of 12m and longer to clear out but for those smaller than 12m a fee of cca.20.EUR is applied. In Montenegro you would be charged cca.80-100.-EUR and this excludes the port and marinas fees. In Montengro you can clear out in Zelenika.
It's strictly prohibited for all vessels to stop between these two port of entries once the clear out is done! We had a lot of cases when clients were checked by patrol boats and taken to the Maritime Police because they've been anchored near Molunat ( Croatia ) after they had cleared out from Montengro and still not cleared in Croatia.
Also, all arrivals of fresh crew must be reported to charterer's office staff so that the crew list can be amended. Departures may be self-recorded by crossing off the absent passenger.
The Maritime Policemen and Captains respond to have a friendly approach.
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