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Dubrovnik is one of the Europe's best preserved medevial cities, founded in the 6th century. Its walls surround the Old Town enclosing a fascinating mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque architecture. With its fortifications, palaces and fine buildings it is fully populated and probably without rival. The modern town, with large hotels and many shops, lies outside the ancient walls.
Before venturing away from the mainland ( or after your charter holiday ), there is plenty of historical places to see inside the Old Town. Walk round the walls; if time is short, walk round the land side, close in. Don't miss the Franciscan Monastery and the ancient pharmacy – not the one near the entrance but the one on the far side of the cloister. Visit The Maritime Museum and Aquarium; inside the bastion at the old galley port; open 9.00 – 14.00. Also, there is a variety of numerous nice caffe-bars ( Talir, Gradska Kavana, Cele ), restaurants ( we like Arsenal – by the tower clock -  and the other one of the same chain, Lokanda – overlooks the old port ), cyber-caffes, night-clubs ( Arsenal and again Labirint ). Or, simply, watch the street action from caffe-bars on the main street ( Stradun ) as the locals do. A good place for clubbing, whether in winter or summer period, is a restaurant / night club Arsenal situated by the clock tower on Stradun.
In the summer there is a festival  with concerts and other artistic performances, plays and folk-dancing, which the Croatians do particularly well. It is in the open air, on the walls, in Rector's Palace and on the near-by island Daksa.


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